Community Leaders Who Endorse Mitra

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Melvin Carter | Mayor of St. Paul

“I'm proud and excited to endorse Mitra Jalali Nelson to represent Ward 4 on the Saint Paul City Council. Our city is in a critical moment - one in which we must unite who our city has been, and who our city is becoming, to transform our community into a place that works for everyone. As a strong progressive leader, proud daughter of immigrants, renter, organizer, and policy aide to Congressman Keith Ellison, Mitra brings an impressive decade of experience to the critical work ahead of us. Right now, we need leaders who can unite us across issues and bring the community to the table. Mitra is the perfect choice to help lead that work forward on the Council. Together, we can build a city that works for all of us."  Read More >


Ilhan Omar | Minnesota House Representative for District 60B

"I'm proud to endorse my friend and colleague Mitra Jalali Nelson in her effort to bring new, progressive leadership to the Saint Paul City Council.  I've known Mitra since we organized in the DFL together years ago to make it a more inclusive party that could address our communities' most urgent needs. From our work together, I know this: she is a fierce community organizer, an educator with roots both in the classroom and making change in systems outside of it, and above all, a leader who always works to bring the most underrepresented people in our democracy along with her. 

Mitra is also a leader for the future of Saint Paul. Our communities are growing, becoming increasingly diverse by age, race, income, gender and more. As a proud daughter of immigrants, woman of color, and renter who supports her family, Mitra brings experiences and perspectives that are vastly underrepresented in government. She will work for policies that champion working people, expand access to essential city services, and create opportunity for all. 

Mitra's record of work also positions her to effectively address the increasingly complex challenges of our communities. I have worked alongside Mitra to organize with immigrant and refugee communities in the face of unprecedented attacks; to push for change at the state, county and local level together; and to make every level of government accessible to everyday people, regardless of background. I know she can translate organizing into policy that improves people's lives. She is also a person who looks for a way where there is none; who goes above and beyond the job description to help people; and who listens as much as she leads. She will be a true partner for change to her constituents and her colleagues on the Council.

I'm proud to support this powerful woman in our shared work to build a better future for all.  I hope you will support Mitra by being a delegate for her to the Ward 4 Convention on April 28th. Together, we can achieve progress that brings all of us along."


Dai Thao | Councilmember, Ward 1

“I am proud to support Mitra Jalali Nelson for Saint Paul City Council. Our city is growing, and we need dynamic leaders who both represent that growth and will rise to meet its challenges and opportunities. Mitra embodies this and will bring the experiences, insight and leadership we need to the Council as a renter, community organizer, educator, and woman of color. Please join me in supporting Mitra Nelson, and in bringing forth new, progressive leadership for the future of our city."



“I’m proud and excited to support Mitra as our next Ward 4 City Councilmember. As a longtime community organizer, I am impressed by her understanding of the most critical issues facing our ward and city, including our need for jobs, housing and quality education for all. At a time when St. Paul has spoken loudly for new leaders and perspectives, I believe Mitra has the passion, vision and energy to build community around successful strategies to address these needs. Our city and ward need leaders like Mitra for a bright future. I hope you’ll join me in supporting her at our Ward 4 DFL endorsing convention on April 28.”

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Zuki Ellis | Board Member/Chair, St. Paul Public Schools Board of Education

"I'm proud to support Mitra to become my next City Councilmember. Mitra has what it takes to serve all of our community well in the next chapter of our city's future. Right now, we need leaders who are serious about addressing disparities in our city; who are passionate and motivated to bring underrepresented perspectives to the table; and who have a track record of experience working on issues to turn them into policy and results for everyday people. Mitra will be a force for positive change on the Council, and I am excited to work with her on the issues facing our schools, families and communities as our next Ward 4 City Councilmember."


Jason Sole | Director of Community-First Public Safety, City of St. Paul

"I am proud to endorse Mitra Jalali Nelson for Saint Paul City Council - Ward 4. Mitra's work is rooted in community. In her day job as a policy and outreach director to Congressman Keith Ellison, she works directly to address inequities in our criminal justice and immigration systems; her leadership on issues of public safety and police accountability will be valuable on the Council. Mitra understands that the future of our Ward and the future of Saint Paul are inextricably linked to a new vision for redefined, community-first public safety. She is building a dynamic coalition of Ward 4 residents who share our vision for the future, where every person feels safe in their neighborhood and welcome in Saint Paul. I would be thrilled to work with Mitra as Ward 4's next Councilmember."


Russ Stark | Former City Council President

“I am proud to endorse Mitra Jalali Nelson for the Ward 4 Saint Paul City Council seat. Mitra’s vision for affordable housing, public safety, transit and sustainability will build on my work as councilmember at a critical moment in our city's history. As a renter, community organizer, and policy aide with experience across levels of government, Mitra brings perspectives and skills necessary to lead Ward 4 into the future. Her thoughtful leadership can connect the city that Saint Paul has been to the city we are becoming, and I’m excited to see her lead. She will be a strong partner to Mayor Carter and I as we work to create a Saint Paul for all of us. Please join me in supporting Mitra Jalali Nelson for Ward 4 City Council on August 14th.”

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Rena Moran | Minnesota State Representative

As our city moves into its next chapter, we need strong, representative leaders who will stand up for residents and families who have often been left out of our politics of the past. I’m proud to endorse Mitra as an experienced, passionate new leader with the vision to make positive change for Saint Paul. I’m excited to work with her for a stronger Saint Paul! 


 Jim McDonough | Ramsey County Commissioner

The issues we have to tackle across Ramsey County require progressive champions across the community to come together and work toward a shared vision. I’m happy to endorse Mitra for City Council because her strong progressive values will not only be a significant asset for Ward, but the entire city of Saint Paul. I look forward to working with Mitra across levels of government for the betterment of our community!


Toni Carter | Ramsey County Commissioner

I’m proud to endorse Mitra Jalali Nelson for City Council. As a Ramsey County Commissioner, I’m excited to have someone with her combination of education, community organizing, and policy experience to partner with on local issues. She will be a strong advocate for equity, inclusive progress and the future of our community!