Attainable + Affordable Housing &

Home Ownership

Our city is growing, and that’s a good thing. It’s also our responsibility to ensure everyone is included in this growth. As the city becomes denser, one of the top factors in ensuring we sustain our growth is citywide access to affordable, high-quality housing and home ownership across the full range of income levels. Too many in our community still struggle to find or afford places to live, be they working parents, college students, families or individuals. This must change.


  • Voted for the creation of a $10M citywide affordable housing trust fund that leverages up to $71M in additional funds, a tremendous new investment in homes for all in our city

  • Voted to promote and help grow the city’s Rental Rehabilitation Loan program and other energy efficiency programs that improve housing conditions in some of our poorest neighborhoods

  • Voted for the creation of a new Fair Housing Coordinator position to better connect residents to home ownership and fair housing opportunities as well as coordinating city housing policy with the Council

  • Voted to increase funding to HOME Line, one of the largest tenant rights and free legal resource organizations serving Saint Paul

  • Voted for ADUs (accessory dwelling units) to be allowed citywide

  • Voted to approve the Saint Paul 4d program that incentivizes qualifying landlords to continue providing affordable rents to low-income tenants in exchange for a tax credit

  • Voted to increase funding to the Ramsey County Winter Safe Space, a 64-bed shelter for people experiencing homelessness in Saint Paul during the most severe winter months of the year

  • Pushed for greater tenant voice at all levels of policy-making through the organizing of Renter Engagement Assemblies in partnership with district councils in 2019


  • Engaging with the 2040 Comp Plan process for more progressive zoning and land use policies that help us add new homes in the most sustainable way possible

  • Pushing for the study of an inclusionary zoning policy that fits Saint Paul’s needs and ties potential city funding to affordability subsidies

  • Implementing the 2018 City Council housing resolution including directing studies on a range of tenant protections to turn into ordinances

  • Looking for opportunities to create new affordable and mixed-income housing on sites like Hillcrest Golf Course, Sears site, Ford site and more throughout city

  • Exploring the creation of a public city entity to purchase blighted or tax-forfeited land for sale at very low cost to non-profit affordable housing developers

  • Exploring and promoting collective ownership strategies like renter’s cooperatives and community land trust models

  • Promoting first-time home ownership through strong implementation of the newly passed Affordable Housing Trust Fund

  • Promoting first-time home ownership through continued collaboration with established community programs receiving city funds like NeighborWorks (CIB-funded)

  • Engaging with DSI on landlord education as part of city’s existing landlord classes to better serve all tenants and reduce discrimination, including returning formerly incarcerated or homeless residents, Section 8 holders and others

  • Supporting the creation of a regional risk mitigation fund that pairs vulnerable tenants at highest risk of discrimination (i.e. previously incarcerated or experienced homelessness) with willing participating landlords and a case manager

  • Upholding existing policies like the city’s requirement for landlords to provide voter registration info to tenants, a very easy one-step action to facilitate civic engagement

Other housing leadership roles

  • Policy and best practices: Board member of the Family Housing Fund; member of Minneapolis/St. Paul Anti-Displacement Network housing policy work group

  • Ending homelessness: Member of the RUSH/Outside In Ramsey County work group on ending homelessness in Saint Paul and our broader region

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