My Priorities

I am running to address at least four central challenges of our Ward that, if solved, will help sustain the future of our city: increasing our attainable and affordable housing, building community wealth, achieving environmental sustainability, and achieving true public safety through police accountability.


Attainable and Affordable Housing

Our city is steadily growing, and that’s good for our future. As the city becomes denser, one of the top factors in ensuring we sustain our growth is citywide access to affordable, high-quality housing and homeownership across the full range of income levels. 


Building Community Wealth

In addition to passing policies that put more money in people’s pockets, we need to proactively engage development issues to make sure our community benefits from projects that developers pursue here. 


True Public Safety and Police Accountability

Everyone deserves to be safe in our city, no matter who they are. While we must push for policy and practice reforms that advance police accountability, we need to also be vocal and active in the deep, citywide and departmental culture change necessary to make changes on paper true in practice.


Transportation and Sustainability

One of the best ways we can address our city climate impact is through the creation of a modern, multi-modal transportation system that makes it safe for all families to move throughout our neighborhoods. 



Public education is the heart of our communities and our democracy. In order for Saint Paul to realize its potential as a city, we need government partners at all levels who will work for students and families to get the high-quality public education they deserve.